We are all about wholesome training - body, mind and spirit. Our yoga flow classes include traditional flows to warm you up before settling into some yin. Come ready to breathe and recenter as you hold poses between 3-5 minutes to allow a deep release.


Krissy G.

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buti yoga

Buti is an Indian Marathi word that means "a cure that has been hidden or kept secret."

Buti Yoga takes traditional yoga asanas and adds dynamic, primal movement & dance, cardio-sprints, and plyometrics. Buti Yoga is not traditionally choreographed, but the music guides the class instead of reps and each class has a new playlist and unique flow!

Buti Flow Yoga incorporates all the elements of Buti Yoga except for the cardio-sprints and plyometrics.


maddie s.

fit x

Expect to sweat as you gain muscle and become stronger in our morning classes. These classes are a total body workout with a focus on plyo + iso metric movements.

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