Raise your pulse with this strength & cardio-based vinyasa that uses upbeat music (EDM, hip-hop, pop, etc *Explicit*) to intensify your workout!

  • We focus our movements to the beat of the music and our breath follows

  • Flows include arm balances, standing postures, and dynamic pulses to raise your heart rate!

  • Open to all levels, modifications are always offered so everyone can participate

  • Each class has a new playlist, new flow (no set sequence), and a new challenge posture

  • The fast-paced beat allows us to get out of our heads and into our bodies for one hour of bliss


maddie s.

CERTIFIED YOGA INSTRUCTOR - Asheville Yoga Center (from July 2019)

power flow

Power yoga is an strength-based variation of vinyasa yoga that focuses more on strengthening our supportive muscles and improving our active flexibility

  • Following the vinyasa principles, we string postures together using our breath

  • We focus our movement with intention and mindfulness, allowing us to truly hear our bodies and connect to our mind to the present

  • There is no set sequence, each class is different -- with the focus on working our entire body

  • Music is softer, the flows are held longer with some dynamic movement to fire up the muscle groups

yin yoga

We are all about wholesome training - body, mind and spirit. Our yoga flow classes include traditional flows to warm you up before settling into some yin. Come ready to breathe and recenter as you hold poses between 3-5 minutes to allow a deep release.

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Shelly S.

Training Hot Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 200 Hr

fit x

Expect to sweat as you gain muscle and become stronger in our morning classes. These classes are a total body workout with a focus on plyo + iso metric movements.

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alex o.