“I've always been active, and for years I'd go to the gym and watch the group classes through the glass longingly.

I am a human trafficking survivor, and for years, I couldn't be physically active around other people.

I took up running, but would never join a run club, and I hated the idea of races; I tried CrossFit, and walked out halfway through my first class, not because it was hard, but because showing signs of physical exertion in close quarters among strangers was too triggering.

Yoga, with its dark rooms, and largely female student mix, was about as far as I could go, but when my husband started taking Krav Maga classes almost five years ago, I knew one day I wanted to join him.

That was five years ago. Since then, I've completed intensive therapy for CPTSD, and Caity and Alex opened Rogue Krav Maga.

Both owners understand that being a badass requires both emotional AND physical strength, and that self-defense is the ability to protect your body as well as your mind. While many Krav studios seem to only prepare you for the battlefield, Rogue also understands that what happens before and after are just as important.

So - I did it. After almost five years of wanting to take a real Krav class - I did it.

Rogue isn't about ego - it's about people. Caity and Alex are so knowledgeable in their craft, that it didn't feel like a haphazard workout, it truly felt like a lesson, and while there were times where I felt myself start to tense up, simply knowing that the instructors understand that response took the edge off.

In the flight or fight response family, I am a freezer. Self-defense for me is a small part of reclaiming my physical body; For years I was not able to fight back, but I can work diligently in this moment to ensure that past doesn't speak for my future, and I can fight back against that now on my own terms.

Part of recovery is testing yourself, and part of testing yourself is allowing yourself to what you've wanted without being held back by disordered thoughts. I needed a safe place to be a badass, and Rogue gave me that.” -Sarah O

“As a female that often has a little one with me, that could be considered a big distraction and opportunity for someone who doesn’t have good intentions. I knew I needed to do something. Krav Maga has helped increase my situational awareness and confidence in protecting myself and loved ones. I have learned to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Training is not only a great workout but also a lot of fun. I have trained with Caity White and Alex Ocasio for over 4 years. They are both amazing instructors. The classes are fun, challenging and you always walk away with new tools. They take away any intimidation you might feel for trying something out of your comfort zone. It is a great community to be a part of.

Rogue offers many forms of physical fitness. Yoga is offered multiple times a week. Each class has a different instructor which is great because they use different styles. They are great at helping everyone feel comfortable and adapt to any specific needs.

If you are looking for somewhere to train mentally and physically this is the place. Alex and Caity are passionate about helping and empowering others.” - Robin K

“I have trained with Alex and Caity for the majority of my Krav experience. They consistently show a passion for teaching and drawing out the best in individuals. Caity has a skill for encouraging everyone to be fierce. She encourages and supports first timers and veterans. Alex has a talent for getting people to push their personal boundaries and do a little more than they did last time. Both of them are deeply committed to helping people learn to defend themselves, while getting fit and having fun in a safe training environment.

I have worked with Caity as a training partner and as my instructor for several years. She is dedicated to bringing out the best in her students. She encourages you to find your inner warrior and helps you strengthen that fighter. Caity has the ability to always find something that each student has improved in every class. She praises, corrects and pushes you to be a protector.

Alex has a teachers heart and the soul of a warrior. He is passionate about building skills to keep yourself and your family safe. Alex will push you to go past your comfort zone, while respecting personal needs to adapt and modify. Alex believes in teaching and training realistic and workable krav, and keeping the training environment safe to learn and grow.” -Renee E

Caity and Alex are not only wonderfully warm, welcoming individuals, but they are both excellent instructors. I picked up Krav Maga in my mid-40s because I realized I'm a "freezer." I needed to learn how to retrain my brain to act in dangerous situations. I'm petite, about 5-feet tall. I was skeptical at first that I would be able to physically compete with someone much larger than me until I saw Caity fight. We are close to the same size, and she is a fierce, agile fighter as well as a fantastic instructor! Whenever we are practicing a technique in class that is likely not suitable for someone my size, Caity always has another tactic to share so I can discover what works best for me.

Alex exudes passion and excitement that is contagious to his students. He is sincerely concerned in helping each student, regardless of skill level, not only improve every time they step into his class but also have fun and build confidence. Caity and Alex both possess a natural ability to provide feedback and instruction without undermining confidence, one of the most crucial characteristics of a good teacher. I've never left one of Alex or Caity's classes without feeling better about myself and looking forward to the next class. I'm willing to drive an hour or more to train with Caity and Alex because they offer a challenging, safe, fun environment where I feel comfortable letting go of my personal insecurities in order to learn and become more adept and confident at protecting myself in the event of an attack or dangerous situation. - Liz E

“Caity and Alex are excellent instructors who clearly have a deep passion for what they do and I love how they invest so much in every student.

If you ever get stuck overthinking something, Alex is always ready to help relate things back to the core goals of self defense. Based on these goals he helps you learn how to read a situation in order to determine what you should do. Caity is an inspiring example of how empowering it is to have a solid foundation of the fundamentals. She knows how to modify maneuvers to be more natural and effective to overcome an attacker even if they have significant size or strength advantages over you.

As a newcomer to krav maga embarking on this adventure would normally be really intimidating for me, but Alex and Caity's enthusiasm has cultivated a fun culture where those of all experience levels are challenged to grow and learn together. I always leave class really energized and motivated!

It also gives me peace of mind to know that Alex and Caity take safety and equipment hygiene seriously. They stress the importance safety during drills and they're very transparent with how they maintain their equipment and facilities.

It's so rewarding to train with these folks! Since I joined Rogue I've grown a lot in terms of my situational awareness, physical fitness, and overall sense of ownership in protecting myself. No matter your skill level you're sure to learn a lot, get a solid workout, and have a blast along the way!” -Christine V