Whether you have zero experience or did martial arts back in the day, we got you. Krav Maga is about practicality so our classes generally follow a template consisting of a warmup, combatives + defensive training with drills during class. Our drills are fun and dynamic, ranging from exercises with techniques, flow and defensive tactic drills, to exhaustion and pressure drills. We put a heavy emphasis on safety and control in all aspects of our training.

what kind of equipment should you bring

Gear is not required for our beginner and open classes. Wraps or low-profile gloves are recommended for support as you adjust to striking. We do not require uniforms or gis. Wear normal workout clothes and be prepared to train in mat shoes or barefoot; unless we are training outside. Cups are highly recommended for gentlemen as we use the Krav Maga handshake aka groin strike quite often.

Higher levels will need shin guards + sparring gloves (8oz)

i don’t want a black eye.

As stated before, safety is first and foremost. Krav Maga is literally translated as ‘contact combat’. As with all physical activities, bumps and bruises may happen. Think of it as temporary tattoos ;)

what we offer

Whether you want to mix up your fitness routine or are here for self-defense, you’ll find a supportive + welcoming tribe. We are here - in your corner - helping you become a better version of yourself.

Currently we offer:

payment options

We accept cash, all major cards, Paypal and Venmo payments for drop-ins, memberships and class packages.

age limit

We require our students to be 16 years or older (with parental consent) to attend. Some exceptions do apply.

Please check in for class

All students should check into class before attending. Drops-in are always welcome.

I have a previous injury and/or experience.

We always recommend following doctor’s orders, but when you’re ready to come back, we are trained to provide modifications and alternative options while your injury recovers or if you have a restriction.

We understand some students may have previous experiences or traumas that could be potentially triggered. If you are comfortable, please inform your instructor. We are sensitive to these triggers and do our best to control and adjust different factors and work through things at your pace and comfort.

is anyone allowed to train?

We accept all members of the community, no matter your background, with the exception of anyone who is a harm to our students or our community; in those cases, we reserve the right to refuse service.