Krav Maga

New to selfdefense? Check out our Foundations classes! These cover levels 1-2 of our Krav Maga curriculum. Krav Maga is about practicality so our classes generally follow a template consisting of a warmup, combatives + defensive training with drills during class.

Our Mix Level is open to all, but will be more drill focused if you’re ready to jump right in. You will see things from all levels in these classes with weapon defenses, sparring + groundwork added in based on the students’ experience.


Mitt x

Come get a killer core workout in our Mitt X classes! Mittwork is challenging, but FUN. Build your technique from the ground up as we focus on footwork, speed + accuracy and defensive movement and offensive skills.

You'll never be bored whether you're holding the mitts or striking as it requires lots of energy, coordination and mental focus.



The majority of fights end up going to the ground at some point. Which is why our Ground Flow class is designed to get you comfortable fighting on the ground and back up to your feet.

The resistance you deal with while rolling helps you improve your core strength, increase your muscle tone and reduce your body fat while improving your balance, bodily coordination, cardio vascular capacity, and muscular endurance. It truly is a full body workout that's fun, dynamic and ever challenging .