who we are

Caity and Alex are not only wonderfully warm, welcoming individuals, but they are both excellent instructors.


Martial arts has been a part of Alex’s life since he was a teenager beginning with Karate and Taekwondo, and later Judo and Muay Thai in college. When he moved to NC, he found Krav Maga and knew this was what he wanted. Its simple, efficient, and effective approach resonated with his experiences with violent encounters as a teenager and young adult. Alex is a Systems Engineer by trade, and Kravist at heart, he approaches each class with high energy and a focus on technical proficiency.



As a teenager, Caity trained in Limalama, a Hawaiian style of Polynesian fighting. She spent her college years instructing martial art summer camps in Moldova and discovered Krav Maga in the Triangle and fell in love. She has a passion for empowering and teaching students how to fight effectively as a smaller person. Standing a feisty five foot nothing, Caity understands that size matters and focuses on teaching her students to learn the principles behind the technique.

 Alex and Caity met while training to become instructors and in his words, “She punched me in the throat and caught my attention.” A few black eyes and busted lips later, they are partners for life. Separately, they are adventurous, passionate about Martial Arts, eager to help, and have a penchant for teaching others. Together, they balance each other and a myriad of life challenges including careers, business and instructing while raising two awesome kids. You can usually find Caity and Alex running around keeping up with the minis while working their 9-5s, and always squeezing in some time to train the body or mind. Otherwise, they are teaching and training students from all walks of life for a better tomorrow.

Raleigh Krav Maga Self Defense Family Fitness


We want to infuse our community with awareness of the reality of violence and the climate of current events. Provide them with the ability to defend themselves and their loved ones.  Empower them to take control of their life, health, and community, through daily fitness activities, Krav Maga principles, and continual community involvement.