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Rouge Studio takes a modern approach to Krav Maga and self defense training. We offer a variety of outdoor scheduled classes, virtual lessons, one-on-one training, and seminars at multiple locations throughout our Raleigh community, making it easy to find the right fit for your ever-changing schedule.

Nothing cookie cutter here.  Are you ready? Let’s go.

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With Rogue you will find more striking, grappling, and transitions than most other Krav studios. We cross-train with other martial arts and fitness methods to explore, evolve, and execute more solutions into our curriculum to support our mission of getting you home safe, whatever that looks like.

Training for the modern world with modern schedules requires a new approach. From outdoor and modular classes to virtual lessons – we make it easy to get fit, get fast, and get going.

Rogue is dedicated to transforming lives through fun and ever-evolving classes led by trainer Alex Ocasio – inspiring you to discover your potential.

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“I started my Krav Maga training about 2.5 years ago and can honestly say that I’ve earned more proper and effective techniques at Rogue than at any of the other facilities I’ve trained at.

Whether you’re getting stale in your current Krav Maga training regimen or just wanting to give it a regimen or just wanting to give it a try, I highly recommend Rogue.”

Jason T.

“If you ever get stuck overthinking something, Alex is always ready to help relate things back to the core goals of self defense. Based on these goals he helps you learn how to read a situation in order to determine what you should do.

As a newcomer to Krav Maga embarking on this adventure would normally be really intimidating for me, but Alex’s enthusiasm has cultivated a fun culture where those of all experience levels are challenged to grow and learn together.”

Christine V.

“Krav Maga has helped me increase my situational awareness and confidence in protecting myself and loved ones. I have learned to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Training is not only a workout, but also a lot of fun.

If you are looking for somewhere to train mentally and physically this is the place.”

Robin K.

Our Health and Safety Standards

Optional Masks

Limit to 15 students

Disinfected Equipment

Private and Virtual Lessons

First Aid Kit Available

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